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[tlug] MythTV in Japan


  A few weeks back I asked you all for help on saving my Windows
system. Well, it turned out that Linux was indeed the only thing that
was able to save it. (Not even the Windows Recovery Disc would help!)
(Thank you!!)

So I am a convert. I am currently putting together a hardware list,
and teetering between Gentoo (to teach myself about whats going on) or
an "easier" distro like Fedora Core. (look at me, throwing out words
as if I know what I'm talking about...)

At any rate, one of the things I definitely want to get working is
MythTV. I am going to buy a TV Tuner and start the party, but, and
this is a big but, has anyone got it working in Japan with our TV
Channels here? (the TV recording, live tv pausing, Onscreen guide

Better yet, will it work in the middle of Shikoku, or is that TV
schedule gathering program Tokyo centric?

Any advice, tutorials, advice for (1) buying a new system for linux
and (2) setting up Myth TV in inaka, Japan would be very much


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