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Re: [tlug] AdBookWorkaround

Christopher SEKIYA wrote:

>On Tue, Mar 01, 2005 at 04:33:29PM +0900, Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon wrote:
>>Not so!  I don't like Macs!
>You should probably narrow that statement down a bit.
Okay!  Sorry Mac users!  I just have not generally liked the operation 
of the Mac computers I have personally used.  My Mac friends swear by 
them of course.  The things that frustrated me were a lack of parallel 
options for doing whatever task.

Remember our short discussion at the bonen-kai about attempting to pilot 
the ship through troubled waters and not having the time to spend a 
proper amount of time down in the engine room?  You told me you thought 
it was a good analogy and then profoundly depressed me by saying that I 
was probably right - that it was "too late".  Yikes!  That implies that 
there is no hope!

Um... wait a second - as I typed the above, visions of myself prowling 
around Akihabara looking for dirt-cheap computers came flooding before 
my eyes... that's the bottom line maybe - literally the bottom line!  
The cheap and plentiful parts of PCs combined with Linux is something I 
feel nearly religious about, but I'm not a programmer.

Now, I don't mean this in an angry or antagonistic way, but sometimes I 
think the name shouldn't be "TLUG - Tokyo Linux Users Group", but rather 
"CLPC - Command Line & Programmers' Club".

I know, I know, I know!  I'm a bloody fish out of water here.  Sorry to 
be that too, but... I am gradually... gradually learning.  Again - back 
to the ship analogy - I want to know how to rebuild the engines, but... 
man... I'm sinking... and have to rush away from the engines to bail 
water before the entire ship sinks, etc.


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