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Re: [tlug] Input methods - again!

The one I still have trouble with is Linux Skype app: if I type e.g. あ then
press enter to accept it, it submits the message (without あ). Only single
characters have the problem. E.g. テスト  (tesuto-space-enter) works fine.

On my end, none the Electron garbage works, and so does Chromium.

vscode is fine with my IME as are the Electron (and webapps) I work on.
So it is just Slack doing something unusual.

Which makes sense, because all Electron is, is a Chromium instance
locked into only 1 website.

An Electron app is a nodejs process bundled and working in concert with an Chromium renderer process. It is for cross-platform development, where the UI toolkit is HTML5.

It isn't "locked into" a website. Though I suppose you could build a browser with Electron, and hard-code a single URL if locking-in was your goal.

But, yeah, if your IME setup won't even work with Chrome, then I guess Electron apps are going to struggle too. :-)


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