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Re: [tlug] Input methods - again!

If anyone knows how to switch from A to あ to ア in ubuntu (22 or 23) and its default japanese input system with US English keyboard please post?  I tried disabling ubuntu's Alt +tilde shortcut and F7 and F8 but none of them work😅  I still have to use mouse clicks to change modes within Mozc...

This must be a pretty common situation but I cannot find any information...

> On Sep 26, 2023, at 06:13, lain. <> wrote:
> On 2023年09月25日 15:30, the silly Darren Cook claimed to have said:
>> The one I still have trouble with is Linux Skype app: if I type e.g. あ then
>> press enter to accept it, it submits the message (without あ). Only single
>> characters have the problem. E.g. テスト  (tesuto-space-enter) works fine.
> On my end, none the Electron garbage works, and so does Chromium.
> Which makes sense, because all Electron is, is a Chromium instance
> locked into only 1 website.
>> Mac seems to send compositionupdate events for every physical keypress,
> That sounds very wasteful to the hardware.(もったいないなぁー)
> The other one I need to add is Dino.
> Unlike the proprietary spyware like Skype or WhatsApp, Dino is actually
> a proper native GTK program, and IME on that one was rather wacky since
> the devs migrated from GTK 3 to GTK 4.
> However, that issue got fixed as of version 0.4.3.
> The reason why it might be relevant is because a lot of you use Ubuntu
> or Debian, which always tend to come with outdated software all the
> time.
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> lain.
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