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Re: [tlug] Input methods - again!

The only obvious thing not working with it is starting to type in
Japanese in the WhatsApp Web app (last 3+ years) in Firefox. The
workaround is to type a space, then whatever you need.

Curious - I just tested, and WhatsApp works fine for me. Using fcitx with Mozc.

The one I still have trouble with is Linux Skype app: if I type e.g. あ then press enter to accept it, it submits the message (without あ). Only single characters have the problem. E.g. テスト (tesuto-space-enter) works fine.


P.S. The IME keyboard events differs slightly between OSes, and between Firefox and Chrome. Checking my notes (possibly now out of date), Mac seems to send compositionupdate events for every physical keypress, whereas Linux Firefox just sends a single compositionupdate when enter is pressed, and Linux Chrome sends none at all.

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