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Re: [tlug] From an enthusiast TLUG follower

Stuart Luppescu writes:

 > Yes, that's a reasonable point. But my objection is the rigid,
 > inhumane method of enforcing those rules, without exception.

But that's false.  You got your exception.  You got it through the
appropriate channel for making exceptions, the political one.  Where
the people of the appropriate "pay grade" hang out.

 > (You call it "honest and consistent"; I call it "inflexible,
 > inhumane and rigid".)

That's because your most recent job wasn't a real job, and you may
never have had a real job.  Most people have to do the work they are
assigned, according to the procedures their employer mandates.  We
academics get to choose our tasks and even our own standard of
evaluation.  Not so the front-line 'crats at the MOFO, er, FOMO, maybe
YOLO?  Oh yeah, MOFA.  Anyway, they don't have that discretion.  No
YOLO for the MOFOs at MOFA, not on Ministry time, anyway.

Once again, your complaint is with the political elite who promulgate
ineffective and immoral policies, not with the front-line bureaucrats.

 > I was willing to quarantine myself for the 14 days or whatever, but
 > they were more concerned with "honest and consistent" enforcement
 > of the rules.

Well, yes, but ask *why* they're more concerned with rules.  Is it
better to disappoint one person who doesn't think the rules apply to
him, or to risk their job?  Sure, they could resign in protest, but
that doesn't get you in.

 >> If we want better bureacracies, we need to elect better
 >> politicians.
 > Yeah, right. Like that's ever going to happen.

Maybe not, but when I die, I will still be trying.  That's *why* I'm
in this thread at all.  Not to shame anyone, but because I hope to
persuade some of TLUG to come with me (not to death, I'm old, but to a
saner world).

I'm sad that you can't say the same.


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