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Re: [tlug] From an enthusiast TLUG follower

On 28/8/20 2:52 pm, Benjamin Kowarsch wrote:

On Fri, 28 Aug 2020 at 14:03, Edward Middleton < <>> wrote:

    I think its just the immigration office in Japan.  I have always found
    the ward office, tax office and health insurance to be really helpful.

    My experience with emigration has been fairly consistently bad.  When I
    first moving to here (20 years ago) after all required paperwork was
    lodged by my sponsoring company they insisted they needed some
    supplemental documentation (had to be original) and it had to be lodged
    by the end of the week.  I sent it the next day international delivered
    at great expense and it somehow didn't arrive in time and I was delayed
    starting by 6 months.

I think I have had my fair share of this at immigration but I have also had
positive experiences.

Only positive experience I had with emigration was when I asking for information about applying for permanent residence (the desk without the 2+ hour line) and they told me I should apply straight away, at which point I had to explain that according to their rules I wasn't yet eligible.

In my experience, you need to produce paperwork for anything that is
out of their ordinary processes. You can explain why this or that is the
way it is and they might in principle agree but if they do not have a
process for it, then they don't know what to do and that then leads
to a negative outcome.

However, most of the time, Japanese authorities do have a process for
things that are put in writing and especially when it is backed up by
supporting documentation.

There is somebody at each authority who is in charge of dealing with
such out-of-standard processing cases, but they will only be involved
if you put your stuff in writing because the ordinary folks there do not
wish to put unnecessary workload on whoever it is who deals with the
"special" cases.

But if you make an effort to put in writing and even better have plenty of
supporting documentation, they will pass it on to whoever deals with
"special" cases and then the outcome may well be positive.

Let me give you one example.

..> And this is not necessarily limited to Japan.

Well there is something wrong when someone experience in dealing with bureaucratic BS can't cleanly navigate through a simple work visa application and I can navigate through reasonably complex tax issues (for which I have not qualifications) with the tax office.

This is not to say things are any better in Australia. I was shocked at how hard it is to renew an Australian passport in the Australia capital when you are not an Australia resident, and that was before COVID-19.


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