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Re: [tlug] GW projects

On 29/4/20 10:01 pm, Scott Robbins wrote:
Anyway, my wife thinks she may have already had it, but at this point we
both wear masks in doors for my quarantine period. I was very lucky, though
my oxygen numbers were low enough to be hospitalized, I recovered, despite
hitting many of the danger checkboxes--over 65, lowered immune system, and
so on. Whereas other people, younger and healthier than me, died.

As for me, I seem to be recovering well though I am not yet ready to
shadowbox or even easier exercise.

Its really good to hear you made it through.

Most people around where I am in Chiba are only effected by the state of emergency measures. I work from home and it has been surprisingly good having the family around. Shops have put up plastic screens in-front of registers and have started closing very early but apart from that not much has changed.

Apparently there are a lot more house fires at the moment because children are being left at home (because the schools are closed) while their parents commute to work. On Tuesday, while riding, I saw police cars around a burnt out house but I suppose you just notice such things after reading about it.

I don't think we have had more ambulance activity then normal, but I have come across people being picked up by ambulance on two occasions while leaving for a morning ride.

My sons school started doing online lessons two days a week, but apart from that they are just given homework to complete. My daughters school in Australia had a BYOD program and they were up a within two days of in class lessons being cancelled.


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