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Re: [tlug] Corona and schools in Japan

Fantastic insights in this thread, wow..

On Wed, Apr 29, 2020 at 10:40:14AM +0800, Raymond Wan wrote:
> On 29/4/2020 8:31 am, Christian Horn wrote:
> > That's interesting.  I consider you rather tech affine, but you did not
> > even give this a try?
> Hmmmm, in terms of technology, I don't think it was very high-tech.  It's
> just seeing the slides and then the names of your teacher and the 15-20
> classmates.  He asks a question and unmutes the student and s/he answers.
> Then repeat.  At 3 hours a class, I think it would be difficult to not open
> another window and do something else. [..]

That made me aware of the huge bandwidth of 'online teaching'..

- In your case dozends of students with one teacher, in my
  case it's 1:1.
- That also means that in my case, I can together with the teacher decide
  the learning method (looking for content which is both interesting to me,
  and brings my Japanese forward)

As for "getting people to try virtual classes", private schools can offer
the first lesson for free, that's a smart move.

> Hmmmmm, indeed, I don't intend to dismiss the technology. It's just a tool.
> Whoever uses it to teach has to know how to use the tool well.
> I don't blame my school or its teachers.  They weren't hired to teach
> on-line.  And they were thrown into it suddenly with no proper training.  I
> won't hold it against them.  But 3 hours of that once a week...ugh...

Yes, lesson times should be comfortable for everybody.
This is a factor in commuication with customers, too.  In the past, I
would every now and then sit down in a meeting room from 9:00 to 17:00
for service reviews.  While already exhausting, having that in it's 
length taken to virtual meeting seemed even harder.  


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