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Re: [tlug] Corona and schools in Japan

> On Apr 28, 2020, at 18:45, Christian Horn <> wrote:
> Anybody having a deeper insight into how schools in Japan are doing?

3 universities I know: Takamatsu University / Kagawa University / Shikoku Gakuin seem to be totally unprepared for online teaching. I was actually surprised to see that the engineering department of Kagawa University was the last to react and the least prepared.

I have an older son who is a Science teacher at a local public they have nothing to handle the situation and teachers are now at home and are limited to give 2 week batches of homework to their students.

I also have a son in HS and a daughter in JHS. Both are at home, are expert at using Line and other tools but school has nothing for them and they just do the homework they've been handed the other day.

>  Would also others be willing to contribute time into such things?

There are certainly things to offer.

As far as needs are concerned, small business owners (typically small juku, teachers who do mostly private lessons) are in dire need of solutions, not too expensive and not too hard to use. I'm also thinking of private music teachers for ex.

Big organizations also have such needs but I guess they'd be more willing to pay for proprietary services.

Personally, I'm giving French classes at Takamatsu University. I'm using Jitsi there. I also give a number of French private lessons (for individuals and small groups) and have moved most of them to services used by the learners (Jitsi/Line/Messenger/Skype). I don't have needs beyond being able to use a chat window but I can see that other fields would need other tools.

I am not a technology expert. I can find my way on a server and do relatively trivial things. But I'd be interested in spending time on investigating solutions.

Jean-Christophe Helary
----------------------------------------------- @brandelune

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