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Re: [tlug] Corona and schools in Japan

On 29/4/2020 8:31 am, Christian Horn wrote:
On Tue, Apr 28, 2020 at 07:25:00PM +0800, Raymond Wan wrote:
I don't know much about Japan (sorry!) but I think everyone has been caught
off guard with the sudden pressure to teach online.
I guess so.  People working in westernish companies, with colleagues
spread over the world, have adapted to this over time.  Here in
Japan, there was no real need, and it was disencouraged in many places.

Yes. True international companies had been having meetings on-line already, well before this pandemic. Perhaps some Japanese companies had to, but most probably just issue directives to their overseas offices and don't need to have weekly meetings.

PS:  I'm actually studying Japanese here.  When they switched to online
teaching, I dropped the course :-) .  I don't think I would be getting
anything from it.  Online teaching also has issues like homework and exams
That's interesting.  I consider you rather tech affine, but you did not
even give this a try?

Hmmmm, in terms of technology, I don't think it was very high-tech. It's just seeing the slides and then the names of your teacher and the 15-20 classmates. He asks a question and unmutes the student and s/he answers. Then repeat. At 3 hours a class, I think it would be difficult to not open another window and do something else.

Perhaps I've seen enough computers during the day to choose to enroll in a Japanese course to not have to see them. :-)

My commute to class is like 45 minutes one-way. So, there's no doubt this method of learning saves a lot of time. But I don't know if it's worth the time (I already paid the tuition and can't get a refund).

Perhaps not anyone can teach in front of dozens of eyes. If that's true, then not anyone can teach through a web cam as well. And whoever can do one may not be able to do the other? Maybe it was the teacher...

(I gave it a try for less than 5 minutes; haven't logged in since. I think the midterm is coming up... Oh! That's another issue; the assessment. It's now a series of "take home" exams and, not surprisingly, everyone's score is high. An open book Japanese exam... :-) )

My mum in Germany started to learn English.  With corona, they started
to offer online, which they also upfront refused - despite knowing that
for me it's actually working nicely: I have weekly 1:1 skype sessions
with one professional teacher, and tandem partners.

Hmmmmm, indeed, I don't intend to dismiss the technology. It's just a tool. Whoever uses it to teach has to know how to use the tool well.

I don't blame my school or its teachers. They weren't hired to teach on-line. And they were thrown into it suddenly with no proper training. I won't hold it against them. But 3 hours of that once a week...ugh...

If this is some sort of consulting business, then besides the technology, training on how to use the tools better would be helpful, I guess?


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