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Re: [tlug] GW projects

On Wed, Apr 29, 2020 at 09:36:57PM +0900, Joe Larabell wrote:
> >  > Aren't you careful anyway?  It isn't like once I find out,
> >  > I'll stop licking those yummy elevator buttons...
> >
> > You are aware that after Trump's remarks, calls to poison centers
> > about household disinfectants are up dramatically?
> >
Our moron in chief. I just got out of the hospital with it, but my wife's
doctor can't authorize a test.  (This is in NYC).  After a bunch of
circling around, citiMD, a sort of walk in thing.  Her doctor (part of an
NYU group) near us says, well you can go to a quest center. We ask, where
is it. She doesn't know. 

Anyway, my wife thinks she may have already had it, but at this point we
both wear masks in doors for my quarantine period. I was very lucky, though
my oxygen numbers were low enough to be hospitalized, I recovered, despite
hitting many of the danger checkboxes--over 65, lowered immune system, and
so on. Whereas other people, younger and healthier than me, died. 

As for me, I seem to be recovering well though I am not yet ready to
shadowbox or even easier exercise.

Scott Robbins
PGP keyID EB3467D6
( 1B48 077D 66F6 9DB0 FDC2 A409 FA54 EB34 67D6 )
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys EB3467D6

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