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Re: [tlug] GW projects

Scott Robbins writes:

 > I just got out of the hospital with it,

I'm glad to hear you're out, but sorry to hear you caught it.  It's
not something I'd wish on Jared Kushner, even.  Though it would be
good for the country if something would take him and his cronies out
of action; they've done as much damage than #ImPOTUS-3 himself.

 > but my wife's doctor can't authorize a test.

And even more so this, since it speaks to the state of the country as
well as your household.

 > As for me, I seem to be recovering well though I am not yet ready to
 > shadowbox or even easier exercise.

That's good to hear, although I'll hope it speeds up a bit for
everyone's sake in the household! :-)  Also a quick prayer for no
permanent damage.  Take good care, we still know so little about this
mofo of a bug.


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