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[tlug] 文字化け problem


I've been having a problem with mail from TLUG since about June of last year. It only affects mail from some people and it seems to be mail from TLUG.

Mostly I'm a lurker. I'm a programmer and Linux User with an interest in Japan (I spent several years there as a child in the mid-50's) so mostly I'm a lurker.

It finally affected me in a way I couldn't avoid yesterday when I needed to start my own thread and one of the replys was from Jim Breen and it was garbled. Jim also replied off-line and his off-line email wasn't garbled.

I narrowed the problem down a bit. The first time I see the problem in my saved email was last June. Mostly I save things that look interesting to me but of those saved emails, the ones that are garbled come from:
Charles Muller <>
CL <>
David J Iannucci <>
J. Hart <>
Jens John <>
Jim Breen <>
Raymond Wan <>
Schwartz, Fernando G. <>
Stephen Lasseter <>

The email client I use is Thunderbird. In Jim's case I tried several other font encodings including all the Japanese ones and it was still garbled. Jim's off-line response looks fine. The email header indicates utf-8.

The first instance I show a problem was in a message dated 6/3/2019 with the subject:'[tlug] Books for free' but I don't save all threads from Joe Larabell <>. In that thread replies from:
Stephen Lasseter <>
Schwartz, Fernando G. <>
Jim Breen <>
Darren Cook <>
Jens John <>
And replies from Stephen Lasseter, Fernando Schwartz, Jim Breen and Jens John were garbled. Curt Sampson which was HTML and came through ok. Jo Larabel was plaintext and came through ok.

I haven't seen anyone else complaining so I'm guessing I'm the only one with a problem.

Where should I go from here?

Steve S.

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