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Re: [tlug] 文字化け problem

steve <> wrote:
> I haven't seen anyone else complaining so I'm guessing I'm the only one 
> with a problem.

I have the same problem, only happens to posts from this list.  Random
posts would get corrupted, usually in the same timespan, from the same
people, then all is okay until the next time.  There hasn't been an
occurance recently for me (J. Hart's post in this thread came out
fine), but I guess the problem is not gone.

When I see a garbled post and look it up in the archive, the content
is nothing like what I received, no matter what encoding I tried.  The
subject is not garbled and the rest of the headers seems fine, it is
only the content that is completely illegitable (like what steve
quoted, does not seem to contain any text from the correct post).

Stephen Lee <>

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