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Re: [tlug] 文字化け problem

> The email client I use is Thunderbird.  

I had a brief look when you mentioned it earlier, but didn't spot
anything useful to say.

You are using Thunderbird 17, which was released in 2013; the latest is
68 (*). But I don't think that would cause the problems you see.
(Because Thunderbird worked for the TLUG list emails in 2013.)

The mojibake you quoted was appearing as mojibake for me, too. I.e. it
was not a display problem on your machine, it had been corrupted by that


*: Just be careful when upgrading, as I think it was either Thunderbird
60 or 68 where they broke with old extensions. (Or maybe it was just
Enigmail that went a bit crazy around that time.)

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