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Re: [tlug] silicon cash eater

On Jun 25, 2017, at 06:17, Kalin KOZHUHAROV <> wrote:

On Sat, Jun 24, 2017 at 3:07 AM, kts <> wrote:
It is interesting that my first response to computer issues is usually:


when the solution can often be found in software settings…. that maxcpus=x
line of 9 characters possibly saved me a few ¥10,000 bills…

I really doubt that statement.
Please check with a power meter when you leave use normally your
machine over the course of few days with maxcpus=x and without.
I was happy with , now a
useless paperweight in Germany (only 100V supported).

If your machine is idle, the CPU is really just a few watts.


#Warning: This discussion is moving non-linux-related for the time-impaired...

Ok. A quick check here suggest "system idle load" for the 1090t chip to be 122watts idle, 201watts full load. This is a 2010-era 45nm hex-core chip with a TDP of 125w. Video card is a base level passive cooling type.

If the difference is about 80watts and we say it is all CPU under load, then the idle usage 125TDP-80=~45w

The I7 4790K “@22nm and 4.0ghz with 4 cores, TDP of 88w. 
Assume the system load is maybe another 70watts or so?

Anyway, the Intel machine also has a penalty of mongo video card pulling full-bore 225w if I let those Nvidia processors rip. 
More than likely I should shut down the WinTel 4790K except when using it rather than idling. I tend to do more daily use on the MacBook 

Newer low-power Intel chips @22nm have a TDP of 35w, significantly better than my old space heater…
at the price of new CPU, motherboard, and full complement of memory…  my hardware itch.. ;)
balanced against my loathing to scrap a fully functioning 6-core with expensive CPU cooler and maxed 16gb RAM to sell for peanuts at the second-hand shops. 

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