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Re: [tlug] silicon cash eater

Haven`t looked yet. Only personal experience. My current mainboard with Intel uses a ?4850 i7 chip, and works nice… now. I had some initial teething troubles from building then later reading the manual, so had hellacious memtest86 errors leading me to believe the board was bad, instead, ummm, my bad. After that, rock solid. This was an Asus gaming board with quality components though, running Win10.

Curious what you mean by “usage style” affecting board+gpu choices. I have a long history with AMD boards going back to Thunderbird 1.4ghz chips and the Tyan Tiger dual boards, usually selected for pure cpu grunt/cost factors for SETI and Nvidia gpus. That choice a few years ago was no longer so clear so selected Intel-based, no regrets, and, no clear rewards either really. And the AMD parts ended up in the parts bin till I wanted a server a couple of years ago. Then the power usage not a concern, now it is.

I suppose the real answer I was looking for goes something like this: “all you really need for database/web/file server purposes is this grungy little under clocked power-sipping 2.3ghz i5 maxed on memory and has 6 SATA ports— here ya go, I have a spare board just gathering dust in the closet… "

On Jun 22, 2017, at 20:34, AbH Belxjander Draconis Serechai <> wrote:

I've actually been looking to build a new ryzen based syatem myself...

my previous experiences in system building generally make an AMD/ATI cpu+gpu combo a better choie for my usage style than intel based generally.

Have you got any trends based on machines built to the number of hardware errors within a year of building as information to work with?

anything like that?

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