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Re: [tlug] silicon cash eater

I've actually been looking to build a new ryzen based syatem myself...

my previous experiences in system building generally make an AMD/ATI cpu+gpu combo a better choie for my usage style than intel based generally.

Have you got any trends based on machines built to the number of hardware errors within a year of building as information to work with?

anything like that?

On Jun 22, 2017 16:49, "kts" <> wrote:
Actually, that refers to one of my first Intel dual-cpu machines that munched heavy resources, first of which was a ¥50,000 motherboard, then an adequate PS, then a fancy case, then…

Currently my home linux box is based on a 6-core 1090t AMD 890 based board with 16gb RAM, 11tb of storage over 6 drives… and is the most likely candidate increasing my monthly electric bill by about ¥3,000/mo. That sucks as it is mostly idling 24/7 AND is way more than my puny web/file server likely deserve. While I am enjoying the OS and X-server and cool tools, eventually running headless once completed is an option. I have even foregone running BOINC/SETI hobby searching for signs of little green men..  

What motherboard/cpu combo should I be considering reasonably sized to still do the work yet trim back the heat and energy waste ? My past habits have been on the way-overbuy side (these parts were cobbled from the unused spares bin), but now the budget/noise/heat considerations are paramount. That or teach me how this can earn enough cash to feed it… ;)

Kevin Sullivan

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