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Re: [tlug] Python 2x3 [was: Um, so... systemd?]

Christian Horn writes:

 > Can't comment on 2/3 compatibility, I guess everybody has to make the
 > call for himself if the pain justifies the gain.  

Ah, but I can, and did.  Of course I'm not omniscient, I'm not even
Dutch[1], so have your salt shaker ready.

 > I dont have details about the willingness of 2.7 upstream, but 
 > what gets released in RHEL is also made available as sourcecode.
 > If there is upstream, then the ways to fix things are also dis-
 > cussed there, of course.

For Python 2.7, maybe on the tracker, but no promises are made; if it
gets dropped on the floor by core, the OP gets to keep both pieces.
That's what "no new features" means.

[1]  python -m this | grep -i obvious

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