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[tlug] Um, so... systemd?

I don't mean to start a flame war or anything (hee :=) but I am just
today discovering what seems to have happened in the Linux world,
recently, with systemd.

As a Gentoo user, it has stayed pretty much off my radar. About a year
ago, I read a bit about how systemd was crap and I should avoid it
(from the sort of people I feel I should trust - I think on Gentoo
forums), so I set up my USE and package.mask, etc to keep systemd out,
have done the same with new installs, and thought it had become more or
less a non-issue.

But apparently.... Debian has officially switched over to systemd and
the world is coming to an end? I've read a bunch of stuff today, this
being maybe the most virulent:

And it sounds like Red Hat and its "fascist" developers, the ones who
are forcing this change through, are the Trumps of the Linux world? Am I
understanding this correctly?

I very much respect the views of people on this list and now I feel a
little surprised that there hasn't been more discussion of this topic
here over the last couple years (Have I missed it?)

Anyway..... again, not to start a big thing, but what are y'all's
general viewpoints (briefly? :=) on systemd and how it is taking over
the Linux distro world. If you don't like it, how are you dealing with
it? Will we reach a point where the major application software that we
depend on depends on systemd, and we'll no longer have a choice? I'm
sticking with Gentoo, and it doesn't look like I'll have this forced on
me by the OS, also I'm not a GNOME user, but thinking that it might be
time to start learning about BSD....


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