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[tlug] Looking For a Linux Tablet Yourself?

I sincerely hope you all continue to enjoy your lives as Linux whatever for another year. And 2017 will be the year of Linux desktop, mark my words! LoL.

Hopefully you find some meaning on this. Just to remind you, great people out there, in case you'd enjoy a 7-8-inch Ubuntu terminal. You can build one thanks to the efforts of other great people. In my case, thanks to specifically:

Since I saw many so called Bay-Trail tablets around in Japan, I decided to give it a shot and only through the efforts of custom Ubuntu built like these, or other distros for that matter, will you be able to convert from a something-else based tablet that I refuse to call the software by name, to a neat, properly working Linux tablet.

I hear quite a few around the development halt of Ubuntu official tablet and phones lately, so instead of freaking out, just keep up the good work yourself. My hardware originally retailed for about USD200. I hear it's £150 something in the UK. It's "SoC"-type so you figure it out.

At first, some further digging is required for getting the touchscreen and bluetooth or so it was to me. But you end up with Linux desktop and all the portability. A pride and enjoy that I'd like to share with you all. Thanks for reading and I wish you all the best.


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