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Re: [tlug] New Hardware Problem


One important detail for me for a similar situation was the omitted earth connection. While most stuff was working without a problem, one of the PCs were getting random lockups after a while. I have replaced *all* parts one
by one, and afterall, it was a bit late but, connecting earth fixed
everything. Now I have two PCs of same spec, both working fine.

If this is the case, there is still a chance of permanent damage, that'll
make it look like connecting earth did not help.

Hope it helps.

Furkan Mustafa

On 2017-01-09 13:02, CL wrote:
Trying to diagnose repeated total hardware shutdown after running about
40~45 minutes.  Happens repeatedly and I can't seem to find any good
reason for it.  Maybe someone here can think of something else to try.

I replaced a number of items with brand-name parts following an
unexplained death of my previous box on New Year's Day.

- Case (Corsair brand), mobo (ASUS brand full ATX), CPU (AMD FX 8-core)
/ CPU fan, and power supply (80 Grade) are all new.

- Memory (16Gb of Elixir brand DDR3 1600 -- 8Gb x 2), Nvidia HDMI video
card (fanless Zotac w/4Gb onboard), HDDs (2 x 1Tb; 1 x Samsung 3.5 + 1x
Toshiba 2.5 for backup), and 1 x ASUS DVD RAM/ROM drive are from the old

- Running Debian Jessie + WIN 10 in a virtualbox

- Both old and new machines use Realtek audio chips and it _appears_ as
though the drivers are the same for both configurations.

- Motherboard configuration can see and describe both 8Gb memory
modules, but says I have only 8Gb of memory installed.

Problem: After about 40~45 minutes of use, machine suddenly goes dead -- no power anywhere. Restarts immediately and runs fine for about another
40~45 minutes.  Does not appear to be temperature or power related.
Machine is powered off a power strip and I have checked the output
voltage of the socket and it is a flat 100~102V.

When left running overnight, it stayed on throughout the night
unattended.  Today is a different story and I am trying to write a
report.  Have set automatic backup to 5 minutes for my sanity.

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