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Re: [tlug] New Hardware Problem

On Mon, Jan 9, 2017 at 8:15 AM, Furkan Mustafa <> wrote:
> One important detail for me for a similar situation was the omitted
> earth connection.
BIG SECOND on that! Many Japanese houses are not wired with earth,
just phase+null. In certain situations this wreaks havoc in PCs.
Look for 3-prong socket, make sure it is not just an extension cord
that has a hanging green wire.

Testing for the problem is hard without proper equipment, but let the
PC run for some time then touch the case on exposed metal (some of the
bolts, if not painted) with a sensitive skin (back of your palm, or
cheek if you dare). If you feel any tickle, you have a problem.
Solving it is hard, basically read on DIY grounding.

Another common issue is PC cannot be powered on (cold boot), due to
the momentary switch not being able to ground the ATX PSU
(technically, ground not being earth, but with accumulated static

The memory problem seems weird and may be unrelated. Pull and put back
the DIMMs, after you disconnect the mains and touch the exposed case
for a few seconds to discharge yourself. Then run memtest86+
(available as a boot option on SysRescueCD (write the iso to USB
What is the exact Asus MB?


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