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Re: [tlug] Other Python Versions on RHEL7 (was Python 2x3)

Georgi Georgiev writes:
 > On Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 12:00 AM, <> wrote:

 > > Since the OS relies on it, you don't dare stray from whatever
 > > Red Hat provides, at least as far as the whole system is
 > > concerned.

"1.5.2".  'nuff said for old Red Hat hands!

 > > So if you need to use some other version of Python, even a newer
 > > version of 2.7, consider miniconda/anaconda in combination with
 > > their conda program to install other versions of Python 2 or 3,
 > > per project.

Yes.  Continuum (the vendor of the Conda distributions) is good people
as well as making a very good product.  Just works, company and
community give excellent response to bugs (at least for numerical
stuff, I suspect they're not the "go to" folks if you're watching your
Twisted servers go down under load).

 > An alternative to the above are the "Software collections"[1]. These offer
 > "supported" versions of Python 3.x (and other popular software) for RHEL6
 > and RHEL7[2] that don't interfere with any of the "system" software
 > (everything is installed under /opt/rh).

What do you mean by "supported"?  By "collections" or by Python core
developers?  If "collections", what support do they provide?  (I'm
just asking for documentation for the record at the level of my
endorsement of Continuum, so people can decide if it's close enough to
look for themselves.)


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