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Re: [tlug] Um, so... systemd?

>> In the past 12 or so months I've become aware of a server using
>> systemd when I went to look at a log file. It took 15 minutes of
>> googling to find out the alternative.
> Yup. I've had the same issues...

I meant the other emphasis: *only* 15 minutes in 12 months.

> Now, let's start in on why PHP is clearly so much better than...

The most recent cloud server I started had PHP 7. Major version jump, so
I spent half an hour skimming all the change logs, etc. to see if
anything affected me. Nope, and all my scripts ran with no changes.

Meanwhile I've spent a lot more time the past couple of months trying to
work out if I'm writing code that will work in both Python 2.7 and 3.x :-)


P.S. Dave, that'll teach you to start a thread with "I don't mean to
start a flame war or anything...".

Darren Cook, Software Researcher/Developer
My New Book: Practical Machine Learning with H2O:

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