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Re: [tlug] Um, so... systemd?

On 2017/01/16 19:41, Darren Cook wrote:

It'll be interesting if, in 2.75 years, all the fears and anger over
Trump turn out to be a non-event, too. A bit like systemd, maybe
everyone will just shrug and go: he's just about as good and bad as the
previous guy.
For systemd a lot of the arguments I hear are around breaking scripts and controls people have built around init.d. Mix in the journald and binary files becoming increasingly wedged in raising some hackles. I know a number of people that turn off network manager on RHEL7 installs due to the number of problems it is causing in their environments. (First discovered after hours of why isn't this working, working sessions)

As for Trump, can we just wait until he does stupid stuff as president before bashing him? :-P I am cautiously hopeful that he might be okay, but also almost expectant of the silliness to start. :-P

In the past 12 or so months I've become aware of a server using systemd
when I went to look at a log file. It took 15 minutes of googling to
find out the alternative.
Businesses are pressing hard for systemd, journald. Oddly when I ask mine why, the people that reply don't have a real answer for the change. The best reason I see is from Red Hat in Parallelization of boot up making the systems start faster. I think systemd has some potential, painful to make the change, but might actually be worth it.

David Blomberg

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