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Re: [tlug] [OT] email client tips?

Travis Cardwell writes:

 > I was not pointing out that an open standard exists,

OK, I take your point.  But mine is also valid: the web is no longer
a playground for hackers who care about the details, but rather it's
become a place that's judged on glitz and poularity.  And that leads
to situations where businesses write both the client and the server
and try to lock in the users ... and all too often succeed.

 > but that it is indeed often used, which is what Chris was wondering
 > about.

Well, yes and no.  Often implemented (which isn't that hard since eg
neon does most of the heavy lifting), but is it actually used?  That
depends on the servers.

My experience with WebDAV in general is that implementations tend to
be pretty clunky, though.  I'm not sure if it's a fault of WebDAV, but
it seems like most applications where you could use WebDAV, people
tend to bypass that standard and use techniques like RESTful
protocols, SOAP, and AJAX.

Don't know if this applies to calendars, though.

 > I would be interested in running an open-source calendar service, that is
 > not coupled with other services (such as email, address books, etc.), that
 > has a web interface as well as [CalDAV] support for phone apps.  Does such
 > software exist?

Well, there's a recent-ish review at
which would be a good start for checking if there's already something
that fits your requirements, and you can find a bunch more information
by googling for "open source calendar server".

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