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Re: [tlug] [OT] email client tips?

On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 5:49 AM,  <> wrote:
>> I refuse to put PHP on my server
> I hate installing ruby on my server as you do hate php. As a solution; I
> usually sandbox applications, creating a user for the application,
> bundle it in the homefolder, with all annoying dependencies. I mean, I'm
> installing ruby and all packages in that user's home folder. And then I
> give that user a separate supervisord handle it's own services, and only
> exposing one unix socket to let web server access and proxy the
> application. Did this mostly for gitlab [3]. It also provides
> portability. Just move/clone home folder between servers, and start
> supervisord for the user. I even put separate database server binaries
> in that home folder, and so on. In a way that app puts nothing in my
> filesystem, except it's home folder.
Hmm... that sounds like setting a timebomb (or few)...
Almost every week I have to deal with incident response on a client
Web server involving PHP. Probably 1/3 of the cases is an attempt to
do what you describe - I call it full local packaging.
The problem is that once deployed such setups are hard to upgrade and
as such tend to gather vulnerabilities (i.e. already present
vulnerabilities are published and exploited).

I also refuse to install PHP and Ruby on my servers, for slightly
different reason (the opposite?): I want to have central view of the
installed software. I am using Gentoo with default portage package
manager and I often use Perl for various tasks. Also most of Gentoo
depends on Python, so that is (unfortunately) hard-bundled. Having to
deal with another (few) package/module management systems (in addition
to portage and g-cpan) is just too much frustration.

Back to the main topic: e-mail clients.

I have tried several times to get off-the-beaten-path and stop using
gmail (and as hacker/geek/alpinist I do LOVE off-course). I am used to
Thunderbird from the time it was Netscape and even have some
contributions to it. These days I sue it for work with my bigger
client (independent consultant). I dislike the editor wrapping, here
are some related bugs that I commented/filed:
probably there are more, but no result so far and every time I tried
to look at the code I gave up after an hour being unable to understand
where to look for....

So I use gmail for most other things. And now that I got Nexus 7 2013
(WiFi) and last month another LTE, I am even more bound to gmail
because of the gmail app.

But I am still open to suggestions that provide desktop/Android client
and Web frontend for occasional use.


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