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Re: [tlug] [OT] email client tips?

On 2014年04月25日 05:49, wrote:
(Not a desktop client, but) MailPile [2] is in alpha stage, but still
might be worth giving it a try, . Also suitable
for local setups (having a separate util to fetch mails, and using
Mailpile as a client to it). And it's a free software. And has all kinds
of storage, encryption support, and more.

I remember when MailPile was started last year, and it is nice to see that they have made so much progress. Though I quite dislike the current UI, I will keep my eye on the project and see how it progresses!

I refuse to put PHP on my server

I hate installing ruby on my server as you do hate php.

I avoid Ruby as well, but I have traumatic experience with PHP that makes me avoid it quite strictly.

As a solution; I
usually sandbox applications, creating a user for the application,
bundle it in the homefolder, with all annoying dependencies. I mean, I'm
installing ruby and all packages in that user's home folder. And then I
give that user a separate supervisord handle it's own services, and only
exposing one unix socket to let web server access and proxy the
application. Did this mostly for gitlab [3]. It also provides
portability. Just move/clone home folder between servers, and start
supervisord for the user. I even put separate database server binaries
in that home folder, and so on. In a way that app puts nothing in my
filesystem, except it's home folder.

Thank you for the suggestion. Coincidentally, I have been wanting to try out GitLab but have been putting it off because it uses Ruby. ;)

While my work domain (this one) uses my own mail server, I am still using GMail for my family domain. My wife is very accustomed to using GMail (via both the web interface and the Android app) as well as the bundled calendar. I hope to switch the family domain away from GMail soon as well, and I may very well need to setup a sandboxed PHP application in order to provide a webmail client with acceptable Japanese localization. :|

When I think about the mutt's main problem, blocking io; Actually, I can
just set it up like MailPile, have a separate program to fetch all mails
into mailbox folders, and keep it running as a daemon. Have an local
SMTP server (eg. postfix) to handle dispatches, retries, etc. And point
Mutt to local folders and local SMTP. That would make Mutt completely
useful, will remove all freezing. ( I've just found myself a solution
while trying to provide one to you :D )

Great! Thanks for bringing up the blocking IO issue! Christian's offlineimap suggestion looks like an easy solution!

One issue that I have is that I have multiple accounts at different domains. It seems that it will not be a problem, however:

BTW, I already have a local Postfix install, in order to use caff:



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