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[tlug] [OT] email client tips?

I am migrating off of GMail [1] and am once again running my own email server [2]. After failing to find an acceptable webmail application [3], I decided to try going back to using a desktop email client. I run a lightweight window manager, and the heavy clients (Evolution and KMail) clutter my environment and cause issues. I am currently using Thunderbird (actually Icedove), but there are many annoyances and little hope that the application will improve [4]. Does anybody have any tips for how to deal with the following issues?

* I have been unable to get line-wrapping to work well, despite attempts to configure it in the "advanced" config editor. When composing a new message, lines are wrapped in the editor, but lines of a paragraph are joined together when the email is sent!

* The ability to use an external editor seems to have been removed. Thanks to the (stupid) way that Thunderbird manages quotes (">" characters are not enough), one cannot simply cut-and-paste content to/from an editor when replying to a message.

There are more annoyances, but those above are by far the most critical to me. If I am unable to solve them, I will likely stop using Thunderbird... What alternative email client would you recommend? It is time to go back to using a terminal email client?!?!




[1] I have wanted to stop using GMail for a long time for a number of reasons, but convenience and laziness have resulted in significant procrastination. While most bloat (index tabs!?!?) can be disabled, the change to non-textarea message composition (requiring more actions to edit in vim since it is not compatible with the It's All Text! add-on, and introduced numerous bugs) was what finally got me to act.

[2] I think that people should avoid using centralized services for storing their own data, as decentralization is necessary to keep the Internet healthy.

[3] I refuse to put PHP on my server, and there are surprisingly few non-PHP webmail applications. I tried Citadel, but it does not match how I use email at all.


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