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Re: [tlug] [OT] email client tips?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the mutt suggestions!  While my biggest Thunderbird pain points
have been ameliorated, I still plan on trying out mutt when I get a chance.

On 2014年04月25日 15:52, Christian Horn wrote:
> The calendar stuff is provided by active sync, which is making me
> wonder why no more open standards are used for this nowadays like
> ical files on webdav or such.

CalDAV (iCalendar on WebDAV) seems to be supported by many clients and
servers [1].  I wonder if there is a market for a calendar web application
that is not tightly coupled with other "enterprise software" or "groupware?"

> I myself keep appointments in a textfile.  One line per
> appointment, date and time at beginning of the line.  Stored as
> file on the server to be read/modified from everywhere.

I do the same thing for appointments that do not need to be shared (work
details that my wife has no interest in), but I am still using the GMail
calendar for appointments that I have to share with my wife.

> An addition to mutt: I use also the sidebar patch.  This creates
> a view of several imap folders on the left side, with number of
> read/unread mails inside and allows to quickly change the folder.

Thanks for the tip; I have added it to my list!





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