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Re: [tlug] Debian 7.1 New User / General Advice?

On 8 October 2013 19:56, Hideki Yamane <> wrote:
>> >1) The installation took a Really Long Time.  Not sure why that is,
>> Net install?
>  Probably he installed Debian with English locale.
>  debian-installer just guesses users location with its locale, and select
>  corresponding mirror, so selected US mirror.

The installer asks for your location after language selection. If you
choose "other", then "Asia / Japan", then the default mirror will be  Perhaps he didn't choose "other", and  got a
distant mirror?

>> > 3) I installed it in English and will want to get Japanese working on
>> aptitude install ibus-anthy and all dependencies, then configure from
>> the menu. You may also need ttf-vlgothic.
>  No, fonts-vlgothic. ttf-* is transitional package and gone.

OK. Still works though :)

>  And fonts-ipafont-gothic/mincho package is also good.
>  # Trust me, I'm those font package maintainer in Debian :)
Thank you!

>  I recommend to use mozc, not anthy. mozc is "Google 日本語入力" opensource
>  version, developed by some Japanese input experts in Google (and one developer
>  was main developer for anthy). Unfortunately, anthy development has stopped
>  over years.
>  # also I'm anthy package maintainer for these 3 or 4 years, but think it
>    as kind a legacy software... ;)

Last time I tried mozc (years ago) people preferred anthy (scim-anthy
in those days). I use it very little myself, so don't really know.
Unfortunately I  installed ibus-anthy on all my school computers in
August, and also recommended it for Debian Edu wheezy. I should have
asked here first, like I did for squeeze (or was it lenny).

Anyway I suppose we are the only school in Japan using Debian Edu, so
no harm done (our kids type little in Japanese). I'll make sure to
check again for jessie!


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