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[tlug] Weird issue with gnome and scim.

Out of the blue this started happening but I have a pretty old install of a gentoo based system. I had an issue where all the sudden (not sure if some hotkey i accidentally pressed or what) where all the keys I press on any application results in no text but does cause the system beep to be activated.

I actually use KDE (not gnome) but I later traced this to it working perfectly normal (and scim/anthy is working normal in KDE) but as soon as I run a gnome program (like gnome-font-properties to fix gtk font scaling or gnome-control-center) the problem happens all over again and its very annoying.

The biggest annoyance for me right now is not being able to run gnome-font-properties to fix the DPI on my fonts so all my fonts are huge now =(

Anyone ever seen this or know how to disable scim completely from gnome? I disabled it in gnome-control-settings but the problem is still happening. Its like something makes my keyboard completely stop working as soon as I start a gnome app. Its possible its not related to scim but I have my doubts about that.

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