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Re: [tlug] Flash content plays double speed

> But Wait, There's More! ... which 
> has fixed the Skype headset setup but have lost output to my desktop 
> speakers for "everything else."

Good Morning C.
As a thinking-out-of-the-box idea, how about a dedicated Skype machine?

I've used my Nexus 7 (*) for skype a couple of times now, and it works
well. (The main issue is the front-facing camera: to hold it where I can
see the screen, the camera tends to give a close-up of half my face;
holding it back to show my face and now the screen and microphone are
quite a way away... but I think you are doing audio-only?)


*: I've had an almost-finished review to post for over a week now.
Soon... real soon...

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