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Re: [tlug] Flash content plays double speed

On 2013-09-22 12:41, CL wrote:
> Flash and other video content in both Kubuntu 13.04 and WIN 7 VBox 
> accessed through my browser plays the files at double speed.  Fans of

I recently had the opposite problem on my Ubuntu 13.04 laptop... all of
my Flash video was playing back at *half* normal speed.  I never figured
out the problem... but it seemed to go away about a week and half ago
after a bunch of updates (including Flash).

My interim solution was similar to what Darren suggested... I used my
Chromebook for video viewing and so didn't have a lot of incentive to

(I didn't notice any problem with Skype, but I use Skype so infrequently
now that the vast majority of my contacts have moved to Google Hangouts
I just may not have triggered it.)

Jim Tittsler  7J1AJH/ZL2IA/AI8A  Te Anau, NZ        GPG: 0x01159DB6
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