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[tlug] Flash content plays double speed

Flash and other video content in both Kubuntu 13.04 and WIN 7 VBox accessed through my browser plays the files at double speed. Fans of Simon, Theodore and Alvin may find this charming, but I am having a hard time listening to BBC, CNN and podcasts. My main browser is Firefox in both OSes, but the same problem also occurs in Chromium, Chrome, Rekonq, and, after a file has been played in my browser, Skype sounds run at double speed, as well.

My plugins are:

- Flash Player
- VLC Media Plugin

WIN 7 (in VBox)
- Flash Player
- VLC Web Plugin
- Shockwave for Director
- Quicktime
(and, I'm sure that Windows Media Player has it's fingers in there, somewhere)

I have tried rebooting and restarting all browsers in Safe Mode but still have the problem there, too. I have Skype startup diverted to so that it does not use the Pulse Audio server (see my post of 08 JUL 13 "Re: [tlug] Sounds of Silence - SOLVED) but, if I start Kubuntu with Skype not loaded, the problem persists.

Google has not been my friend, so far. Can anyone think of another thing I can try to find the cause?


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