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Re: [tlug] To Set This World On FIRE...

On 09/21/2013 08:56 PM, Raymond Wan wrote:
Hi Edward,

On Sat, Sep 21, 2013 at 9:24 AM, Edward Middleton
<> wrote:
not like data collection is a neutral act.  Anything that could be used
by the government to protect us could be even more effectively used by
someone with criminal intents.  Generously speaking, for the government
maybe one in a thousand records hold value, for a criminal possible all.

That is true.  Perhaps they are using the argument that collecting
data is "on" by default.  Much like a plain installation of Apache
which creates the access and error logs already.  Arguably, maybe it
should be "off" by default, instead?

I believe they are using the argument that its OK if they collect everything they can as long as they don't use it indiscriminately.

I think I heard that the Large Hadron Collider generates so much data
in real time, it can't even store all of it.  It needs to filter 99%
of it in real-time.  I presume any tool that a government is using to
collect data has to do the same.

Well one tool they appear to be using is which is designed to do the filtering post collection.

Surely, no government has enough
hard disks to store that much data.  Maybe that will make the average
person (i.e., people who don't know much about IT), sleep better at
night?  If how that filter operates is released publicly, then the
system becomes useless...

The problem is that a criminal doesn't need to filter[1]


1. Well not to the extent that a the government does because most peoples private data makes them a potential mark.

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