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Re: [tlug] To Set This World On FIRE...

> I think I heard that the Large Hadron Collider generates so much data
> in real time, it can't even store all of it.  It needs to filter 99%
> of it in real-time.  I presume any tool that a government is using to
> collect data has to do the same.  Surely, no government has enough
> hard disks to store that much data....

That is the old common-sense. For me the shock of the revelations was
just how large scale the NSA operation is. Their budget is massive, they
have the best domain experts in the world, and they have backdoors
already installed in the products of every large tech company, every
large ISP, and possibly even have backdoors in the underlying maths?!
When appealing to patriotism has failed, they've used money/economic
threats, and when that failed they've used force or the threat of it.

But I've no direct knowledge:

foreach($above_claim as $c)echo "Apparently".$c;


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