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Re: [tlug] Flash content plays double speed

On 09/22/2013 11:36 AM, wrote:
Is your system clock is counting in a sane manner? Does other media
players work ok?
System clock has been rock solid for a very long time. I looked into clocking / overclocking settings and adjustments and found that none of the preset overclock options in BIOS made any difference to this problem.

It might also have something to do with your soundcard driver, software (eg. playing at double speed, and video player is trying to catch up with that. Just making these up but possible scenarios ).
This is looking like more of a possibility. I have a Creative Audigy 24 card in the system because the onboard sound caused buzzing through my speakers, even when separately grounded. The system "sees" the Audigy card and the sound output of the HDMI port on my NVidia video card, as well as the mike in the camera and the mike/speakers in the Skype headset.

I changed the Skype startup instructions to remove that program from Pulse Audio control since P/A can only have one device per output channel. But, it now appears to have created additional fallout -- the double speed issue in playback. And, I have to reboot the system to stop _that_ issue until I restart Skype and start it playing files at double speed all over again. It looks as though there is an issue in separating Skype needs from the other needs more absolutely and I am wondering whether I have to explicitly assign other non-Skype functions to Pulse Audio control one at a time.

But Wait, There's More! In all of this playing around, I have messed up my Phonon settings. I erased the configuration file for Phonon, which has fixed the Skype headset setup but have lost output to my desktop speakers for "everything else."


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