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Re: [tlug] Favorite Linux laptops these days?

2012/3/27 Raymond Wan <>:

> My current laptop is now a Dell XPS 17. [...] One lingering problem is the Intel +
> NVidia graphics card, which I whined about on TLUG a few months back.
> I still can't get the NVidia card working and gave up.  Windows has
> software that switches between the two; it still does not exist
> (AFAIK) for Linux.  Such a waste of the NVidia card...

My BIOS (on a ThinkPad T420s) has an option to disable the switching
stuff and just use one card or the other. I'm using the nVidia one
(the option is called "Discrete graphics" in my BIOS setup util. It
works quite well with the proprietary driver on Ubuntu 11.10.


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