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Re: [tlug] Favorite Linux laptops these days?

On 3/26/12 01:06 , Kalin KOZHUHAROV wrote:
I currently use Toshiba Dynabook R731/W2UB, but the current model is R731/39EB

Interesting that you're running a Toshiba. I've had such bad experiences with Toshiba laptops (not just on Linux, but in general, although they were especially bad when Linux was involved) that I literally wouldn't take one for free. A shame, really. I love Toshiba's AV gear, but their computers, not so much.

Thanks to all for the current State of the ThinkPad. Unfortunately, the TrackPoint, as much as I love it, is off the table for me because of arthritis and lingering RSI issues. They seem to have small trackpads, but I'll look around and see if any have MBP-sized trackpads or backlit keyboards.

I neglected to mention one of the other Musts, which is a biggie: the hardware should just work, out of the box. This is a strong argument on the ThinkPad side, since they were always really good for that.

Has anyone run Linux (especially lately) on any of the Dell *z laptops? The 14Z and 15Z sound really good on paper and look a lot like a MacBook Pro.

I suppose getting a MacBook Pro and shoving 16 GB in it (Apple says you can't do that; a lot of people say you can) and running Linux in a VM and doing everything there is also an option, but I do kind of like Linux on the bare metal.

I'll file a report after I make a choice and get Linux running on it.



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