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Re: [tlug] Favorite Linux laptops these days?

2012/3/26 Jonathan Byrne <>:

> [ThinkPads] seem to have small trackpads,
> but I'll look around and see if any have MBP-sized trackpads or backlit
> keyboards.

This is a) probably not news to you, and b) probably not what you
want, but Apple sells a standalone version of their MPB trackpad. I've
seen the wireless version--dunno if there's a wired one.

> I neglected to mention one of the other Musts, which is a biggie: the
> hardware should just work, out of the box. This is a strong argument on
> the ThinkPad side, since they were always really good for that.

On my ThinkPad, everything worked out of the box, save the power
management, which I've already talked about.


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