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Re: [tlug] Favorite Linux laptops these days?

On 3/26/12 19:23 , Raymond Wan wrote:
On Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 12:19 AM, Jonathan Byrne<>  wrote:
On 3/26/12 01:06 , Kalin KOZHUHAROV wrote:
I currently use Toshiba Dynabook R731/W2UB, but the current model is R731/39EB

Interesting that you're running a Toshiba. I've had such bad experiences
with Toshiba laptops (not just on Linux, but in general, although they
were especially bad when Linux was involved) that I literally wouldn't
take one for free. A shame, really. I love Toshiba's AV gear, but their
computers, not so much.

Really?  What kind of bad experiences?

Expensive for what you get. Wouldn't run Linux worth crap. The last one I had - during my time at Microsoft - wouldn't even run Windows for crap. It was unbelievably unstable, even running a Microsoft IT image of XP (which is, as XP goes, a pretty stable OS, generally). It was a rare day it didn't crash. That was a Tecra M4, a "tablet" notebook that you could fold inside out. Worst laptop I ever had. Took the title from the previous record holder, also a Toshiba, that GOL had back then. I forget what model it was, but it would run nothing but Windows. Most Linuxes couldn't even boot an install CD. The ones that could install wouldn't run once install was finished. No BSD I tried would boot on that thing, either.

The only Toshiba I encountered that didn't totally stink was the Libretto. A good little (*really* little) machine, but just too small for me to type on.

What were the best things back then? ThinkPads. The GOL ThinkPad 240 was a wonderful road machine, hand-picked by the engineering dept. Besides being all the things that make them great, this one also had a killer feature for people who need to connect to serial ports in remote locations a lot: a real serial port. You don't want to be at a POP in Fukuoka and find out your USB serial port ain't gonna talk to your router :-) I wonder if they still have that little gem? I'll have to ask :-)

If someone asked me for a laptop brand suggestion, my first choice
would be Toshiba, especially in Japan [they're rarer outside of

The only thing that makes them rare in the States is that not many people buy them, but they are available.

You must have some Linux mojo, to have it working on Toshiba ;-)


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