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Re: [tlug] Favorite Linux laptops these days?

On 3/26/12 21:58 , Josh Glover wrote:
On my ThinkPad, everything worked out of the box, save the power management, which I've already talked about. Cheers,

Yeah, power management on Linux seems kind of, uh, not good these days. OK, it's kind of always been a sore spot, but as Scott noted, they seem to have a lot of regressions. Is it just me, or was this less of a problem back when the stable kernels were even and the developmental kernels were odd? Sure it took longer to get the latest features into the stable kernel series, but the stable line was, well, stable...

The Dell XPS 14z looks like a nice machine, but there seem to be real issues on machines that have integrated + discrete graphics, especially when the integrated is HD3000. Seems not terribly well supported at present.


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