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Re: [tlug] Favorite Linux laptops these days?


I've got a Sony Viao Z that's running Ubuntu like a charm (after some
initial struggles of course...)  It's light like a feather and got
some 3+ hours or battery with Ubuntu 11.10. It's a 13 inch screen with
a sweet 1920x1080 resultion, 8Gb and pretty speedy CPU but only 2
cores. Sounds like it fulfill most of your requirements, so it could
be an alternative worth considering. It's been working very well for


On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 3:30 PM, Jonathan Byrne <> wrote:
> I'm leaning strongly towards retiring my desktop system entirely and
> exclusively using a Linux laptop, so I wanted to get everyone's thoughts
> on what are the current great Linux laptops.
> I spend a lot of time on a MacBook Pro, and that heavily influences my
> requirements. I've even installed Linux on a couple of them, but it was
> kind of a rocky experience. Anyway, my hardware requirements are:
> Musts
> =====
> -Quad-core CPU (no big deal, everybody's got them)
> -Must support 8 GB of memory; 16 GB or more very strongly preferred
> -I love the big, very smooth touchpad on the MBP, and I really want one
> like it in a Linux laptop
> -Really good keyboard feel. I can't replace the keyboard it comes with,
> so I have to love it
> -Should be as thin as an MBP but will compromise on this if everything
> else is there
> -Size not larger than 15". 13 is fine, I'll be keeping the 24" monitor
> from my desktop
> -Very good battery life. Should be in the ballpark of the MacBook Pro.
> -Matte-finish screen. I could potentially compromise on this and put a
> matte filter on a glossy, but I'd really rather just have a matte screen.
> -Bluetooth (no big deal, everybody's got it, pretty much)
> -High-quality hardware. This machine should last a long time. Fast
> repair/replacement in case it doesn't.
> Nice to have but not musts
> =================
> -I love the backlit keyboard of the MBP. I almost put this under Musts,
> but I'm aware of no other laptop that has this feature. Would like it
> very, very much, though. Blows away the keyboard light on my formerly
> favorite laptop, the ThinkPad.
> -Support for dual external monitors would be very nice. Almost a Must,
> but not quite.
> -Firewire
> -eSATA
> -Support for two internal disks, configurable as RAID, that works under
> Linux.
> -If I can order it with a DVORAK keyboard layout, that would be cool. I
> realize this is highly unlikely.
> -Thunderbolt. It might be useful for something, someday
> Things I don't care about
> ================
> -Killer graphics. I realize a high-spec machine like this is probably
> going to have great graphics, but I really don't care. I'm not a gamer.
> -High-res LCD. 1440 x 900 is fine; I can live with less if it's a 13".
> My kids have 13" MBPs and I would trade resolution for that lightness
> and small size.
> There was so much I loved about ThinkPads back in the day, and although
> they're just about the antithesis of the MacBook Pro in appearance,
> thickness, etc., I'm going to take a look at them nevertheless just to
> see where they're at. I've never owned a Lenovo; all mine were genuine IBM.
> So, what are your favorite Linux laptops? Anybody got one that nails all
> of my Musts and most of my Wants?
> Thanks!
> Jonathan
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