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Re: [tlug] Favorite Linux laptops these days?

2012/3/27 Jonathan Byrne <>:

> I'd be happy to find out I'm wrong and Linux works perfectly on a new
> MacBook Pro, of course.

Nope. I was running Ubuntu 11.08 on an MBP 9,2 until a few months ago,
when I switched to the ThinkPad. Here's what I found:

+ Fan control seemed to work pretty well
+ Decent battery life. As I never used it on battery on the MacOS
side, I don't know if it was *as good*, but I'm sure I got at least
four hours on a charge.
- No WiFi. Full stop.
- Trackpad was so flakey that I couldn't even drag and drop (luckily,
I almost never have to do that, as I hate and fear the mouse) [1]
- Occasionally (once a week-ish) wouldn't wake up from suspend

I used it at work attached to an external keyboard and mouse, plugged
in to ethernet, so most of the above issues didn't bother me that
much. But coding on the train was a pain.



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