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Re: [tlug] Favorite Linux laptops these days?

On 3/26/12 09:41 , wrote:
On Mar 27, 2012, at 1:19 AM, Jonathan Byrne wrote:

Why not using the MBP as your Linux machine ?

I've installed Linux (Ubuntu) on a couple of MacBook Pros with mixed results. Specific problems that I encountered and was never able to resolve were:

1) CPU speed/fan control. Fans running at or near full speed all the time. IIRC CPUs were, too. Annoyingly noisy and contributes to fast battery drain.

2) Battery life nowhere near what it is under OS X. IIRC, it wasn't even 50% of the OS X number.

3) Touchpad. Cursor movement somewhat erratic, and found no way to have it disabled while typing.

Each of those was aggravating enough (especially 1 and 3) to be a deal-breaker on its own, but all three together were simply intolerable. The last time I tried this was at least a year ago, but it was on a fairly old MBP (5,3) so if Linux doesn't even work well on that, my expectation for a new one are even worse.

I'd be happy to find out I'm wrong and Linux works perfectly on a new MacBook Pro, of course.



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