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Re: [tlug] Keyboard Location (was Favorite Linux laptops these days?)

On 3/26/12 11:57 , wrote:
On Mon, 26 Mar 2012 09:19:11 -0700, Jonathan Byrne<>  wrote:

... arthritis and lingering RSI issues.
The keyboard belongs in one's lap, not on a desk.

Laptops are compromises that closely group together things that
would otherwise not be so close. So use an external keyboard in
your lap when using the laptop on a desk. Being separate from
the laptop, you can shop for one with the right feel and
ergonomics, regardless of the laptop's keyboard.

Depends. At work, I use a stand-up desk and an external monitor on the MBP (with internal display off), and the MBP itself is sitting on a fabricated riser to bring it up 3" above the desk, which is roughly at waist height. This makes it easy to position it in a comfortable spot.

For my desktop, I have one of these:

I angle it inward a bit, I don't type purely vertically.

If I'm sitting down at a desk, I have been known to just put the laptop on my lap. It is, after all, a laptop :-)

I like that enough that if Apple sold an MBP body that contained nothing but the keyboard and touchpad connected to a USB port for use as a standalone keyboard, I'd probably buy one. Even at Apple prices :-)


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