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[tlug] AV Preferences for Android

My wife's Softbank phone is Nearly Dead and up for replacement. There are a number of reasons why a "change providers" response doesn't work here so let's clear that off the table here and now.

She's opted for an Android-powered スマホン chosen exclusively because it was a nice size, folded, and came in a color she likes.

The Softbank drone got extremely pushy over the "offer" of a "McAfee Web Security" option (498円/mo).

I seem to recall several recent horror stories about McAfee products causing entire portions of other countries' webs to crash or to facilitate the hackling of certain types of accounts, and that it makes small processor hand helds run slower. Or is that in the "they all do that" category.

Anyway, Softbank gave my wife some story about all phones needing protection in order to ensure the safety of the Web and want to know how she intends to play her part if she doesn't sign up for the McAfee product. (They actually pulled the "You have to secure the safety of the group by joining it" gambit.) In my WIN days and now in my WIN VBs, I use "Avast!" and never have had a problem. They also offer a free web protection product for Android which I am thinking of loading into my wife's phone. I have never heard any reports of the Avast! product being hacked, killing any networks, or slowing down hand helds ... but that may be more from not actively looking than from reports not being there.


1. Can anyone confirm / deny the rumors I seem to remember about McAfee, before I go through my ZD and archives again?

2.  Does anyone have an opinion about McAfee vs Avast! vs something else?

I've played with 1.6, 2.0, and Ice Cream Sandwich in a VB and think I am conversant with the basics of the Android OS. I have not found anything else in the AV / Web Security apps lines that I like better, but I am willing to look.


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